Information about study courses which the department of pedagogy guarantees

The department of pedagogy guarantees accredited study programs for daily and combination bachelors study of course "Teaching for nursery school", for daily and combination masters study of course "Teaching for primary school" and combination and consequential masters study of course "Pre-primary pedagogy".

Study courses from this department provide study of pedagogical disciplines and some specific methodologies of learning at primary school. The department guarantees and provides methodology of all pedagogical practices types.

During the study of courses from this department teachers from other departments of faculty of pedagogy UP teach our students. They teach other specific discipline e.g. from field of Czech language, foreign language, math, education (music, art, technical and information, floricultural) etc. Teaching of sports is provided by pedagogues from the Department of Physical Culture UP.

In these days is foreign language offered in two varieties: English or German. The choice of foreign language is limited by conditions of the department and by capability of students for specific language learning. Information about study of foreign language you can find at web workplaces´s pages: Centre of Foreign Language Education, Department of English Language, and Department of German.

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